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For Sale
GARAGE SALE many vintage ARFs and Planes!!!

I've got tons of planes for sale! Check out the likes for more descriptions and photos:


A-26 Invader ARF by VQ
Great looking hard to find.
WS=68” .25-.35 engine or brushless. Firefighter covering.
Large box so $275 local pick-up or add $70 for shipping

Midwest corsair .40 kit. Started by me and needs a new home
All pieces are there: $30 Local pick-up or $35 shipped

Corsair .50 ARF. Very scale model, fiberglass fuse and built up wings.
Nice flat color scheme. Very smooth curve on the gull wings, don’t know how they do that with wood! WS=58”, Area=635sq”, 6lbs
Large box: $90 local pick-up or add $20 to ship

H&M Spitfire .60 ARF
Great looking quality built-up ARF
WS=65”, Area 845sq”,
Large Box. $150 local pick-up or add $35 to ship

Islander Kit
Vintage Gee Bee Islander Mark2 kit. Never to be seen again kit! Complete in great shape.
WS=50”, Area=437sq”, weight 3.75lbs
Plastic monofloat hull plus landing gear attachment.
$180 pick-up, add $15 to ship

Lancair ES .60 ARF
Out of Production but this one is brand new in the box!
$250 local pick-up or add $25 for shipping

Mustang .60 ARF
Chinese knock-off of what looks like a Hanger9 .60 Mustang. Quality build, light weight, brand new, comes in unmarked box. $100 local pick-up or add $25 to ship.

P-40E Scale ARF from CMP
.40-.46 engine, WS= 53.5” Great flat colored factory scale paint job!
Big box, $125 local pick-up or add $25 to ship

Rambler 30 World Models
.25-.40 engine, Ws=56” Great looking sport flyer!
$100 local pick-up or add $20 to ship

TF Spitfire Kit. Complete kit unstarted except parts separated and bagged.
Comes with two sets of scale and light weight wheels and scale aluminum spinner.
$130 local pick-up or add $20 to ship (I also have the century jet air retracts with olio struts for an extra $150)

Transall C-160 from Nitro Planes
Amazing ARF rare to find it in flat camo paint. This thing is huge! (iphone in photo is not included) Twin .25s, WS=72”, Area 581sq”, 6.28lbs
Big box! $150 local pick-up, add $25 to ship

CMP Scale Zero .50 ARF
Very Scale very nice Zero! Fiberglass fues with panel lines. True Zero scale green paint is included for die hard scale builders. WS=54:, Area=543sq”, 6.1 lbs
Big box! $80 local pick-up, add $20 to ship

DH-88 Comet ARF
By Advanced Scale Models. Run with twin .40s or electric. Super gloss red fiberglass fuse and built up wings with central flap. Out of production very rare and hard to find. Ws=88”, Huge box so $350 local pick-up or add $75 to ship.

P-61 Black Widow ARF!
Advanced Scale Models. Long out of production great scale twin!
WS=79”, Area=1010sq”, .46 size or brushless, 14 lbs
Look and drool!
$425 local pick-up $50 to ship

Scale Bf 109 and P-51D Mustang Vintage Flying Styro kits
Originally produced as free flight models but with today’s electronics can be converted into large micro flyers. Wingspan about 24”
$60 shipped for Both!

E.Rc Micro Mustang ready to fly.
Used and is 7 of 10 shape. Just took it for a spin before the photo!
No landing gear, but I have a new extra wing and tail set for it included as well.
$45 shipped

Used but flys great! RTF condition 6 of 10 mainly because I took off the landing gear. No tears just some delam of covering from the frame. No more indoor flying for me so:
$60 shipped

Radar 3D lazer cut kit.
Great looking quality laser cut kit. Could go together in a few evenings.
WS=46”, Area=287sq” $30 shipped

S.E.5a ARF by ElectriFly.
Great looking WW1 biplane.
Ws=34” Area=420sq”, 1.4lbs
$70 local pick-up add $15 to ship

Ultimate 3D Bipe by electriFly
Out of production so last chance to get this great 3D aerobatic Biplane!
Ws=33.5”, Area= 353sq”, 30oz fly weight
$90 local pick-up add $15 to ship

Ripmax Mustang
Great scale lines compact for easy transport. Comes with Factory installed brushless motor and ESC. Just toss in two servos and receiver and you are in the air. Uses 3-cell lipo. WS=35”, Weight 15oz
$45 local pick-up, $10 to ship

Sig Messerschmitt Bf-109 ARF
Lightweight great scale lines, a great flyer!
Ws=48”, Area 396sq”, weight 60oz, 300-400 watt brushless required
$125 local pick-up, add $25 to ship.

Nexstar Electric Trainer airframe
This is the airframe only of the Nexstar trainer minus the tail feathers unless I find them tonight! Brand New but is a factory scratch and dent so minor blemishes shown in photos. If you have crashed your’s then these parts will be a lifesaver!
$75 pick-up or add$20 to ship. (may be willing to part out)

Mini Delta by electrifly
Super fast and spins even faster! Discontinued. Comes with factory installed motor and two New in bag batteries. Just add two servos, brushed esc and receiver. WS= 19”, Area=109sq”, 6.7oz
$50 local pick-up, $10 to ship

XPD-8 Ducted wing!
Ducted fan with brushed motor factory installed. Just toss in two servos esc and receiver and you are in the air. Another out of production hard to find wing!
WS=28”, Area=209sq”, 12.5oz
$60 local pick-up, add $10 to ship

Alpha Jet RxR brushless ARF by FMS
Comes with installed servos brushless motor, fan and esc. Add receiver and battery and you are in the air. Great looking jet! WS=37.5, Length=50”, weight 38oz flying.
Local pick-up $100 plus $20 to ship

Pair of Reef Racers!
Very fun fast and agile Reef Racers! Sold as a pair condition is 8 of 10. Everything switched to deans connectors. Comes with two stock batteries and four lipos for upgraded performance, and a spare drive shaft.
$100 shipped

Great Planes Fling DLG
Rugged DLG or Slope glider! Ws=60” Area=340sq”, airfoil=AG45
$75 local pick-up, add $10 to ship

Optima ARF wings
Used but in great shape. 8 of 10 condition. 100”span
$50 local or add $12 to ship

Dodgson Pivot 7037 glider
Rare classic collector’s glider! Rolls using the wings pivoting instead of ailerons!
This is an almost finished kit. Wings are covered, servos installed, body is primed for paint. Needs someone to provide the finishing touches to get her in the air! Canopy has a minor crease in it but otherwise in amazing condition.
$175 local pick-up or add $10 to ship
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