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What could be with the apparent differences in landing ease from one of these things to the other. That was what I worried about most after buying mine last year. I am just past beginner stage and was afraid to fly it for a month or more. But when I did I found it to be a pussy cat to land. It just flies right down to the ground and doesn't even bump when it touches down. One time I did inadvertently give it a bit of up elev just before touching down and it plopped a bit hard on the gear, but nothing broke. I did take the gear skirts and wheel pants off and put fe109 wheels on before even trying it though and have the battery all the way forward with the strap behind the battery. I use the 11x7 prop and 2200 trunigy batteries. The thing I found the most touchy was the elevator, it takes so little movement to make it aerobatic that it's hard to believe. I just kept dialing down the elev throw until I could throw full up at full speed without it bailing over on its side and just do a square corner and go straight up. After that point, it has been trouble free ever since.
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