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physician heal thyself

Originally Posted by jrplane View Post
I will agree with the trolling, there are a few on here that have to post on every post that comes along, when they have reason to do so.
They need to go out and fly!
So what did you fly today?

I'll pop up in most if not all of these threads that start with someone screaming accusations and hurling names around. If you don't like it, move on. These threads almost NEVER succeed in doing what the OP wants, they often come off just as bad as the party they are accusing. My suggestion is almost always to cut out the name calling and state facts and present evidence. Sometime mob rules mentality wins over, even more so when the accused party isn't as responsive as they could be.

Would it have been that difficult to WAIT until the OP got his money back to post a thread about his experience. For most responsible, reasonable, and professional people, no...not really. These threads are often started by folks with little self control, looking to vent and scream and call names. Sometimes they are great at pointing out a real scammer, but it's usually not the case. The seller in this case has 100% feedback over a year, all from buyers. While his communication style is lacking, and his business practices are not customer centric, I don't see "scammer" being appropriate at this time. Nor the bafoon title. That has a real 5th grade school yard feel to it no?
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