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I am sorry about this, the lens on my Olympus E-PL2 appears not to be working. What I did is the fill the space between the front of the board and the canopy with a piece of foam. Anyway, I am not the best to seek advice on this as I have reported receiver damage more than anybody else. I would recommend that you look at the Mini CP threads on Micro heli forum.

I know a lot of people don''t like the speed that Walkera releases new models but they have slowed down considerably in the past year. But this is the way that the market works in Asia. You can use the same arguments against car, computer, and camera manufacturers as well.

Since FBL submico helis are quite recent. I think it is quite justifiable to have a faster rate of product release. Take the mCPX for instant, nobody here has heard of Blade helis until the mCPX was released. It did quite well for a while but sales have almost dried up now. All but one shop here has delisted it, and even that shop only orders a few BNF kits at a time. Now they have just released the Nano CPX, the sales should pick up again.

Also, it is completely possible to upgrade some of their discontinued models to current ones. For example, you can upgrade the 4#6, 4#6s, 4G6, 4G6s, V120D02 to the V120D02S. This gradual evolutionary development does help. The V120D02S is possibly the best Walkera heli ever being highly durable and problem free.
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