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The Red Head shown on the beautiful BiPlane is a fairly late production motor. The cylinders on the earlier motors are oriented to the side so that the exhaust does not flow directly into the venturi. The later motors have the venturi intake extended, so that they did not have to worry about cylinder orientation when the assembled the motors.

We got a few motors that had the short intake and the cylinders with the exhaust pointed forward and aft when I flew for testers, they did not run well at all.

I don't recall there being any difference in the RedHead .049 from the regular ones, except for the anodizing on the glow head. I think they were just trying to associate the engine with the older McCoy RedHeads (I may be wrong here).

Testors made these motors with both the solid and the flexible needle valves depending on where they were going to be used (the P-38, Airacobra, King Cobra, and T-34 Spotter used the short, solid needle valve, the Dauntless and Cosmic Wind, Silver Wind, et. al. used the cable type flexible needle valve.

Either way, these motors ran very well
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