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Originally Posted by jtaylor996 View Post
Ok, so I do drive a red car with a wing on it, to be honest.
It's a 911 car with a lot of track time, so I have a good excuse

But I'm not sure what fwd vs rwd matters with wings. You gave to be min 75mph for it to do anything at all, and at that point, you're not using the downforce for accel traction, so drive is moot. Drive matters (for basics) just on turn exits (you accelerate), where wings don't. For example, watch where the f1 guys open the DRS wing slot in qualifying: right at apex, or earlier.

That being said, I don't think I've ever been on a track with a fwd car (that wasn't a joke)... for good reasons on its own. And if you don't track, then likelihood of needing a wing is small.

There are only 2 cars that I can think of that need wings for the road, a 911, and likely the Nissan Z cars. This is due to the sloped rear deck causing lift at greater than 75mph. That's why the grill on modern 911s w/o wings pops up on the interstate.
it all makes sense. as to fwd cars, I can see a wing working when the car has a big rear sway bar and setup to be tail happy.

what 1100hp fwd requires for downforce....and only works on high speed turns too....
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