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As I cutted the cores by myself and scratchbuilt it from the zero, the lost feeling is worst, even when you remember that it was flying very well.

I´ll do that: put a sticker with my contacts. The word “REWARD” just like you put (in upper cas) is wonderfull! I´ve never think about that!

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I feel your pain. When I first got into the hobby about 10 years ago, I lost a $200 plane. It took about 6 hours and a friend's 4 wheeler and another friend's trailer to get the 4 wheeler to the fieldof 4' tall grass. And then I went back and forth covering about 5 acres with my daughter on the back as look out. We found it just before sundown.

Since then I put a sticker with my name, address, phone number, and AMA number (It is required by AMA. I belong to AMA for the insurance and follow the AMA park flyer guidelines, religiously.) on everything, TX, planes, chargers, batteries, I also put "REWARD!" on the stickers that I have printed out. Then I cover them with tape to make them a little weather resistant.

You might make some fliers to post around the area and post at some local businesses and at the local hobby store. Who knows it may show up in a month or two.
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