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I finally figured out why the X650-V8 wouldn't fly properly

Originally Posted by Salocin View Post
Hi Robert.
Are your motors/props spinning all anti-clockwise on the top, and all the bottom motors/props spinning clockwise on the bottom.. Its different to the FC1212-P controller from Xaircraft (I had a x650v8 once). Use this diagram, and chose 8 as your profile in setup. Blue is top pink is bottom.

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I had read what Salocin has posted here early on when I installed the YS-X6 system. But it didn't truly sink in. The prop rotation is originally every other prop is counter rotating from the prop next to it both on the top and on the bottom. So when I first installed the new system I observed the rotation of the props and sure enough each one was counter rotating compared with its neighbor. So I thought that maybe they supported the XAircraft configuration for the V8 after all (since they support the XAircraft ESCís). Well they donít I had forgotten that the rotation of the props is a hard wired aspect of the system by reversing the leads on the motors. So after reading Salocinís post it made me realize I had to get the motors to follow the type 8 pattern and it should work.
Well it did now the X650-V8 is flying properly. I was even able to use the return to home function and it landed almost where it started from. Iím amazed that it flew at all in itís previous configuration even without rudder control.

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