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I think most gyros work the same way - so although I don't have any experience with the 750, I used several other gyros.

You set the tail slider travel by adjusting the gyro limits. All but the lowest end gyros will have a separate left and right limit, so you set them to ensure that there is no binding in the tail rotor at full left or full right rudder.

If you can't get the tail slider to reach the mechanical limits on one or both sides, it means you need to use a longer servo arm - i.e. move the linkage ball out on the servo arm.

Conversely, if the limits have to be set at say around 50% to prevent binding, you need to move the linkage ball in on the servo arm.

The ATV or End Point settings in the TX will affect the piro rate - and have no effect on the tail limits. That seems counter-intuitive, since most of the time, adjusting the TX ATV's will affect the servo travel.

You normally use the rudder ATV's to equalise the left and right piro rates, and that's most easily done on a Lazy Susan test stand, though you can also do it, less conveniently, by test flying the heli. A small change in the TX ATV value can make a big difference.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your tail!
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