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Originally Posted by awmeade View Post
New hotwire looks great, nice job. As for the ailerons, I'd try and face them with balsa before glassing. Only reason is that they are (usually) long and thin, and tend to twist easily when you are working with them. It will be the devil's own job to get them to stay flat and square as you glass them, so a nice hard leading edge will stiffen things up for you, and also provide some anchorage for hingeing, depending on which way you go there.

Not sure on the tail design, didn't someone mention swept area earlier in the thread? I'm a big fan of Andy Lennon's book on model aircraft design if you find a copy.
The Ailerons were just basic polystyrene on the last 2.5 metre plane i built, it was a slow flyer though, I have considerably strengthened up the Ailerons with Brown paper and WBPU Varnish. However the finish is pretty poor. After my first positive experience with fibreglassing a few nights ago, I think i will straight fibreglass over polystyrene for my next build,

Picture below of my test piece covered in one layer of 175gm fibreglass, Finish isnt perfectly smooth, but better than standard foam finish!

I may also look at something called 'vacuum bagging'. It apparently gives a smoother finish.

I Am thinking of building the tail section out of standard polystyrene, then just fibreglassing over the join and other parts to make it strong,

Any input in the meantime would be great!
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