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Originally Posted by SteveT. View Post
That's a lot of power...But.....I absolutely detest collet prop adapters, if they don't have a bolt on prop adapter, that is a deal breaker....
Interesting. Why? I am exactly the opposite... I think I am scarred from the FMS proprietary hexshaft bolt-on that you were only able to order from HK or NP and only their spinners would fit. I feel that compare to the 5mm shafts I used to bend them all the time (when I first learned how to fly or during crashes). Perhaps it is just the FMS ones. I like that you can pretty much walk into any LHS and buy a 4mm or 5mm shaft and a matching prop adapter (or order online from so many places). In fact I converted the original FMS motor to a collet style adapter so I don't have to be at the mercy of those proprietary hexshafts.
Why do you like the bolt-on ones better?

Originally Posted by brathanke View Post
arnav I might buy one of those powerup 25 motors for my edge
Don't get me wrong. The universal truth that you get what you pay for holds true here as well. If you put the power 15 (e-flite) next to the power-up 15 (headsuprc) the e-flite one would look more impressive with its choice of alloy and finish. I darted the e-flite one at least 5 times from 100ft () before it finally gave way (the bell finally warped). I am not sure the headsuprc one would survive all of these (i give it maybe 1 or 2...). It is probably less efficient and run hotter (but likely due to the more significant Amp draw). Even tough I had the e-flite power 15, for the Edge I decided to go with the recommended setup as I thought I have more to gain than the difference in the price (by being able to come here and ask for help which on a common/recommend setup you are more likely to get). Since you are beyond that point I guess the only thing you have to lose is $25... HK seems to make power motors clones as well which are eerily similar to the original like this one (but I never tried them).
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