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Spoiler smoke test;


Would you please perform a simple smoke test for me and post a video of the results? This will be off great value for you and many others.

Part 1

Bundle 3 or 4 sticks of incense with a rubber band, light them all at once. Place your sphere on a table in a very calm room, set the power to hover speed, hold the smoke sticks up to the sphere in line with the prop, about 30 cm out and slowly move towards the prop, next lower and then raise the smoke to show the flow into the side of the propeller disk.

Part 2

Have an assistant hold the sphere while you hold the incense, place the incense about 10 cm or less directly in line with the prop on the right side of the sphere. The smoke will flow into the side of the prop, now both of you must move together to the left and then to the right, repeat this several times; going to the right the smoke will enter the disk, going to the left the smoke will not not enter into the propeller disk. You may have to adjust the distance that you place between the sphere and the smoke stick, but you will be able to see exactly how the spoilers work, this will help you and many others to see the holding force that makes the spoilers surf, and the resultant force that allow the spoilers to deploy downward.

Thank you,

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