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Originally Posted by A VIKING View Post
It looks so's just got to be right.
Have fun, be careful.

We now have a water squirting one, a water dropping one and one that shoots a bottle rocket. The bottle rocket bird is only single shot... so not too risky... the water squirting one sits too still... sounds like a sitting duck to me, but the water dropper could cause issues.

I'm pretty proud of my FET based igniter driven off the AUX channel. Its not easy to use a lighter under a heli when hovering! I fire both skids at the same time, so I get 10 shots. It might be better for me to rig the other skid off the gear channel. Once you are unarmed... it could get dangerous!

We have safety glasses and fire fighting gear

What a hobby! What other toy hobby lets you graduate up to live fire! I guess I enjoy all the frowns I get from the serious RC folks a bit too. But, its all about fun with no intent to harm anything!
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