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I just called the Customer Service number for Banana Hobby, 626-373-2288. Their website says their phone hours start at 9:00 AM Monday thru Friday. I called at 9:05 AM, got a recording saying they were closed and that their business hours are 9 to 6, and I should call back during those hours or fill out the form on their Customer Service website.

Filled out the contact form in the Customer Service part of their website and sent it in, then called again at 9:10AM. Same result.

Here we go again.



Called them again at 9:15AM, this time got thru, talked to Larry. Set up the order, he said they would call after it was set up and make final arrangements. So far so good. I hope to go there tomorrow (Friday) and pick the plane up (ARF Super Sky Surfer), we'll see what "appointment" we can arrange.

Anybody have anything they'd like to have checked out when I'm there? Inquiring about an order, or missing parts, etc.? Hopefully it will be tomorrow, depends on what happens if/when they call back "shortly".

So far things have been pretty smooth, no real problems.
Just got an email from Banana Hobby. It was a response to the Customer Service form I filled out. It said Yes, they have stock in both the ARF and RTF versions of the SSS, and that all orders must be placed on line (including mine, to go there and pay cash). And it said that for local pickups they need 2 business days to process and order before setting up an "appointment" date and time.

So I guess that blows my hope of doing this tomorrow. Oh well. I have no real problem with this, as long as the store lays out somewhat reasonable terms (which this is) and then keeps their promises. Though of course I want the plane oh-my-gawd-right-this-instant-if-not-sooner. Guess it means that I have to wait until at least Monday (or Tuesday) to even make an appointment to come by at a later date.

Well, so far so good. If they make promises and keep them, I ask no more from a store.

Though of course if another store had the same plane for nearly the same price and said I could come there any time without and appointment and buy the plane right now, then I would give my business to that store instead of BH. That is competition, the other is keeping promises.

But BH is the only place that has this plane... which means BH is out-competing the competition, at least for now. I have sent them my order, and will of course keep MY promises.

More to come!
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