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Originally Posted by acreative View Post
Thanks very much for the advice (great looking bird!).

That CF Tow looks very useful (hadn't even heard of it! Might have to order some.

Presumably, because yo have it top and bottom the wing won't collapse/unfold once it's all set?
Yes, that's correct. The CF tow is very strong in tension, and the foam of the wing keeps the opposite top/bottom strips separated so they act like the flanges on an I-beam.

What servos are everyone using? I have some spare 9g servos about, but can get some 5g if necessary?
9 gm servos are just right, given the size of the ailerons. I did not cut the tip end of my ailerons free! The ailerons actually twist rather than uniformly deflect (I call them "warperons"). The inner end near the body deflects the most, with less and less deflection towards the tip, where they don't deflect at all since the aileron foam is still attached there. It sounds strange, but that's the way the real birds wings shape themselves in flight if you look at pictures, and I wanted to emulate that. I did not use Depron (or similar) stiff foam sheet, but rather the paper-clad foam board you can buy with the paper removed (after soaking in water). This leaves very flexible foam sheet, perfect for this application.

Is a standard setup ailerons and elevator? Or is there a way to mix in a rudder too? I'm using the V-tail setup.
The eagle turns very flat with just aileron action alone, though I also used the V-tail mix in my TX for both rudder and elevator action. Rudder is seldom used because the eagle will yaw, then roll and dive when the tip dihedral turns into the on-coming airstream.

Thanks again for any help

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