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I've crashed and broken 4 DJI/HK arms now, yet Brian's legs (and my Al tubes) have survived with only a few scratches. The last crash I had was a very hard one that broke 3 legs and my FPV camera; 30+mph at a 45* angle in to large rock like chunks of clay (farmer just finished disking and no rain for months). My point of saying this is to show how durable the legs are. Even the aluminum tubing I used has yet to bend.

Oh yeah, those aluminum tubes... I lost my first set (quad flew away) and got a replacement set from Brian. I decided to drill the holes in my second set of mounts so they would fit some 1/4" OD tubing I had on me. This worked great together with my set screw mod (read below).

In interest of making field repairs easier, I drilled and tapped an extra 6-32 hole in the side of each of my leg mounts. I ran a setscrew in to hold the aluminum tubes in place. The tubes are now much easier to remove and replace; just loosen one set screw and the tube falls out... no waiting for glue to dry. Before, I figured if I damaged a leg that would probably be the end of my flying day. Now I keep a set of spare tubes in my flight box.

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