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Originally Posted by twwd View Post

WOW! So this is what I have to look forward too! Looks great! Not a lot you can do with all that wiring, but you seem to have yours very well organized.

Thanks for the photos! They will be a big help once I get to the stage.

Agree on the whole wiring thing - it's pretty sloppy at the moment. I'm planning on shortening the wires as much as I can while still having the arms fold back. There needs to be quite a bit extra in order to facilitate the folding arms. Anyway, I'm going to be zip tying the cables together and putting on that wire covering (loom) to tighten it all up.
I'll post more pics as I go further into it! I still need to buy a radio... but I should have everything else in the next week or so!
Actually... something to consider... I have this KK board:
and I've ordered this one:

I really like the idea of the LCD board for field adjustments... but the design of the scorpion will make that difficult. Might not be possible to reach the buttons.

I'm going to wait until i get the LCD board before going much further than soldering so I can compare the two.
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