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Tim, would you please return the beginning of this thread and read my discription twice about how the spoilers work, their function, and how to set them up. This is too much data to repeat.

In brief the spoiler will dampen oscillations of pitch and roll, slowing things down and giving the flight controllers (both you and the control board) time to react.

Since the spoilers are far above the CG they impend the tipping forward or aftward pitch and roll motions, put only if they deploy downward and at the correct velocity of activation (CVA).

The spoilers surf on the in-flowing air entering the side of the propeller, when the craft tilts left, right, forward or aft the airflow is disturbed dropping the appropriate spoiler or combination of spoilers, impeding further tipping motions, thus it dampens the motion of the craft giving a feeling of solid response.

Your spoiler are too light of weight, they surf, at all times,they do not deploy downward, thus they do no meaningful work to dampen your sideways motion(s).

You need to glue small steel washer at the midpoint to the span of the spoilers on the outer lip edge closest to the prop, or even better glue two at a time, one on each extreme end,both of the span and distance away from the hinge line. You need just the right amount of weight to have the spoiler break downward with the slightest tipping or translational flight.

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