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Originally Posted by Apphoard View Post
You mean a DFC head ? No it is stock and I supposedly have a buyer. We will see first I have to get it apart and boxed up for shipping. I still have a HK 450 FBL also that I have not flown . I bought it because I thought it would be a good learning experience on how to build setup and repair these things. I like to fly the small ones and the bigger ones are just dust collectors for me lol. No really I fly the small ones to get in my practice to fly the bigger ones but then never get around to them. I think it's the setting the big ones up to fly part I am not crazy about. If I could find a place that actually sets them up and makes sure they fly correctly. I would probably fly the bigger ones more .Unlike my V450 from Wow. That is one of the reasons I bought it from them. But there is no way that Heli was test flown like they claim. Which is why it tipped over on its maiden flight. It was my first real rc Heli. After that I bought a Genius. No problems with it though. It was a great little Heli. For now I think I may just stick to the smaller ones they are fun for me. Just seeing the orientation at a distance is the only problem. But I also bought a WL929 quad it is fun also. I may get a bigger quad on my next purchase.
IMO, you should venture into a 250. Maybe a 250 DFC or Gaui X2 or something in the 200-250 size range. They are not as intimidating as the 450. In fact it's not all that much bigger than your genius. But it will have more power and stability. Plus you can still fly it in a small space. Walkera (micros only) is great for learning. Cheap parts and repairs. But once you have your orientations down. Once you can fly normal without feeling like you could crash any second. You should move up to something a little bigger, and more reliable to fly.
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