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Setup flight: yaw axis


Sam used two cheap piezo gyros with the P term only on pitch and roll, and a heading hold gyro with P / switchable to heading hold>>PID in some combination.

You ask about how to make the first basic test flight and your description was slight wrong, it should be flown with the "P term only" on the pitch and roll gyros gyros for the first flight and the yaw axis gyro turned off, mainly to setup the yaw control vanes off-set required to counter the motor torque. You want to have some mechanical off set into the vanes at all times since this craft uses very high power at all times with only small changes of power during any flight maneuver. After the off-set has been mechanically set to hold the yaw axis at one throttle setting you can switch the yaw axis gyro back "on" using only the P term, check to see if it has the required vane deflection to handle a full power burst, if that works okay they you may want to add the I and D term for heading hold effects.

Is it possible to set the various PID terms independently for each channel on your board? If not, this makes things much harder than using 3 cheap mems HH gyros.

Keep in mind Sam used only the P term on pitch and roll controls, and PID on yaw control.

After this setup is done then we need to chat about spoilers.

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