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Originally Posted by exf3bguy View Post

I'll close with a question. The guys that want to fly the smaller airplanes, what prevented you from entering a contest this past season? Any airplane is allowed in basic and any decent .60 size sport pattern/scale aerobatic airplane is capable of doing that sequence well. point is you don't need to have 35%-40% airplane to be competitive with the current format. The last 2 contests I flew was with a 50cc airplane in unlimited. One was a 3rd place finish.
Originally Posted by Ilikebipes View Post
With all sincerity, and every IMAC pilot I have spoken to tells me this... Yes you can fly a smaller plane. You will also be wasting everyone else's time because you will never score well, there is no interest in your equipment, your airplane will never present itself like the larger 150cc + planes do.

If you want to be competitive, you have to spend anywhere from $4-$8000 on an airplane.

I don't have it. I can't do it. I wouldn't want to with my income anyhow.

Mini-IMAC makes competing more realistic to the world I live in. The glow vs gas argument is a non issue in terms of cost. Glow becomes far more affordable.

This is why I am wrapped up in classic pattern for the time being. It is actually attainable, and most importantly, FUN!

With that said... Do not construe that to mean I am against IMAC as it is. It is cool and if you can do it that is great! I would never want to stop it. If I could do it, I would!


What is said above and driving distance is great 300 to 400 miles for me. Most IMAC contests, from what I understand, are two day contests with practice on Friday. So I need to take off work, drive, motel, food etc. Even if I could afford the plane, the other costs are too great, not to mention the need for a dedicated plane hauler; trailer or large vehicle. Even more expense......

Mini IMAC up to say 50cc would be within reach of most people. A contest could be held at most if not all club fields with the smaller planes. Noise should not be a problem. One day contests could be a reality, there could be more of them if the attendance warrants it. I envision Mini-IMAC to be a completely separate event from IMAC. Use many of the same rules, sequences and such. Mini could be a stepping stone to IMAC if one desires to move up.

I looked around yesterday and last night a bit, but couldn't find much on Mini-IMAC. Was Mini ever a SIG with the AMA? Does anybody have any links to contest rules and such?


After thinking about it for a bit maybe 30cc would be a better upper limit????? Lots to think about here!
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