Thread: Build Log 88" Tiger Moth SPAD 1st Build!
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Some Progress

"I donít know how other people join single sided large coro wings together so that they are removable so figuring that out involved a bunch of brainstorming. We tossed around using zip ties and re-enforcing the coro with popsicle sticks. As you can see, Velcro won the battle. Now that that part is done, it feels a little sketchy as we have wing overlap thatís now noticeably higher than the wing on bottom and the arrow-shaft spars donít line up. Hopefully it flies alright with slightly offset wings. Weíre going to add the aluminum top spars with glue and zip ties on one slide of the wing and with zip ties, popsicle sticks and Velcro on the other.

Our next step is to make wing struts and figure out how to attach the fuselage to the wings. Stef has the wheels and landing gear on the right track with plastic yogurt containers, coro, and that pool noodle. Our motor could be here in a few days so weíre trying to get as much as we can done before then. My business is having a launch party this Friday and a midterm project on Saturday so time is limited.

I imagine itíll be a bit tricky to take the wings on and off at the field. I keep thinking of the possibility of putting it in the 6í bed of my Ranger if I made a tent type thing with the tailgate down, wood poles in the bed, wall holes, and a big tarp. . .

My limo was our 1st option (good for hauling long objects) but the head-gasket is blown. Does anyone have any tips for transporting large RC planes?"
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