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Originally Posted by Apphoard View Post
Stupid question here guys but what is the easy way of getting the tail off the V450? Do I have to pretty much disassemble the whole frame and push the tail in to loosen the belt?
No such thing as stupid questions. Only stupid answers and stupid people

Funny thing about the belt on the V450. Just FYI guys. I could be wrong. But i think they cut the little notch in the side of the tail boom at different lengths. Because the last two tail booms I installed, one in my current flyer v450, and one in the brand new one i just finished building. Both had to be pushed into the frame FULLY FORWARD for proper belt tension. Meaning, i couldn't go any looser if i wanted to, at least not without removing the boom and cutting the notch longer in the side of the boom, allowing the tab on the frame that slides into the notch to go farther back. So lucky for me/us that the fully seated/loosest position is just about the perfect tension. However previous booms would slide in farther allowing the belt to be completely loose of the main gear if you wanted. This observation could be the result of slightly varying circumference of the belt it's self. /shrug

Okay, just wanted to get that side not out of the way. To adjust the tail boom all that is required usually is to loosen the 2 black screws going into the boom's tail brace on the right side of the helicopter. The two screws below that can be loosened as well. You don't have to remove any of them. From this point you can ATTEMPT to adjust the boom. But the boom brace is aluminum and might be bent in tightly from the screws. So if you can't adjust it you will have to remove the RX and remove the 4 screws under the RX. Once you've done that the boom should slide free, if it's still not loose enough to move, you might try lightly prying the brace apart with a slotted screw driver. But make sure you observe my warning in the paragraph above about not being able to push the boom in farther because of the tab & notch guide inside the boom brace. The tab and notch are on the left side of the helicopter, just where the belt come out of the boom and hooks the the tail drive gear. You might be able to use a flashlight and a screw driver to push the belt out of the way and see how much space you have inside the notch to slide the boom in farther before you go loosening everything for no reason. Of course it's hard to tell someone how tight a belt should be without showing them your own helicopter and letting them feel it out for them self. So good luck. Also i'm a little curious why you need/feel the need to adjust? Have you been sheering belts?
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