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The wing parts take some adjusting before assembly. The aft part of ribs W-4 through W-7 have to be trimmed down to accept the sheeting called for on the plans. I used rib W-3 as a pattern for what to trim.

Ribs W-7 and W-8 are in the middle of the spoiler bays. Both are notched in the shape of the spoiler. But, for some reason, the notch is on the bottom of the ribs, not the top. At first, I wondered if I am mistaken as to which side of the rib is the top. Then, I thought maybe the notches are for the optional flaps, not the spoliers. But, the flaps extend into other bays where the ribs are not notched. I think the spoiler notches are inadvertently cut in the bottom of W-7 and W-8. So, I cut new notches in the shape of the spoiler. My recut W-8 with notches in the top and bottom can be seen in the attached picture.

More problematic is the absence in the partial kit of any ribs for the elevator. I emailed Ray Hayes at Skybench Aerotech today to ask if they are supposed to be in the kit. As you can see from the picture, the elevator ribs vary in length along the elevator. Five of the elevator ribs should be the aft parts of ribs W-2 through W-6. The elevator, like the wing trailing edge outboard of the elevator, has a built up trailing edge with 1/16 sheet top and bottom. The notches for 1/16 sheeting top and bottom are hard to cut accurately freehand. So, I am hoping that Ray responds that the elevator ribs are supposed to be in the kit.
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