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Well I flew two batteries tonight with my H100 in low to no wind.
I have no problems with the tail as I am using it with a V911 board and a 9x.
I really wanted to give this bird a chance but I still do not care for this bird. It has too much porpoising or it is like it is on a string hanging from the main shaft and it pendulums nose to tail.
I guess some people find this entertaining but I find it frustrating. Not knocking anyone, it is just my point of view.
When going into a bank it almost stops causing the tail to dip then forward nose causing to increase throttle to keep the nose up. If the nose gets to low it will nose dive requiring to let up on the throttle which in turn you get the porpoising. Throttle requires constant adjustment.
Maybe it is how I fly as I am no expert. However, I have flown many hours in the past few months averaging 8-16 batts a day. Maybe it is how I have it setup. I do not find it that much different though then when I was using the original TX except for the tail not being so sensitive, it being more responsive, and much farther range.
Now that I think of it - it fly's more like a coaxial with the rocking. Maybe mine is nose or tail heavy. I don't know really. Just not that much fun to fly for me.
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