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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
Short answer - YES. Easily.
FWIW. As a guideline, I always use an ESC rated at 10A larger than the largest current that the system (read mostly motor) is going to use. Many, (way too many) folks get themselves into big trouble by using an ESC that is too small for their system. It is easy to dupe oneself into believing it is ok because.... after all.... the motor sounds just fine. I distinctly remembered the day that plane (parts shown earlier) caught fire (literally) in the air. It was as quiet as any electric plane. It just a scant few seconds of smoke that I saw, then, fire, then, only one servo was salvaged from the entire plane. And, your might ask, whose fault was that.....??? Well, mine. I was using a 25A ESC and the system was pulling 32A. That is actually all fine and well as long as I stayed below 2/3 throttle. But, at WOT, after 30-40 seconds, the fire started and the plane was totally toast (except one servo). From that day forward, I never and I mean NEVER use an ESC that is less than 10A over the max. Kissing $100+ goodbye kinda puts a sour taste in my mouth along with the humiliation that I know better that to let something like that happen. Ok.... That's it. I am getting off my soapbox now. Thanks for the props.
Thanks AJ I'll use this 60A ESC. I think I've got it; If you get a big motor get a bigger ESC.

Your a Prince AJ,
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