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But will it fly ??
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Originally Posted by peterlngh View Post
Don't be so sure, 3d addict. Some of the best thermal flying of my life has been in the depths of Minnesota winters. Thermals are formed by a temperature difference rather that a high absolute temp. I used to fly on a frozen lake that has a small area that the current kept open. The relatively warm water surround by snow covered ice would form thermals that would nearly rip the wings off! Roads and parking lots can also form great winter thermals.
This much is true... Honestly its been a wile since Ive got back to soaring...
Got into 3d and still love it, but cant beat a glider...

Did quite a bit as a youngster.. 2 people in my family are full size glider pilots and they also fly the models..

I dunno..which model to buy... I really like the asw, looks lovely in blue trim..
I also had my eye on the fms fox... Probably has a heavier wing loading but would be great for the rough onshore breeze down at the beach... The radian loves sitting in the stiff breeze !! But I wouldnt buy one... Its my friends... Not my type of model...
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