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Originally Posted by iflyhelis View Post
Hey Guys!

I will probably banned from this site in 1 minute after I post this, due to the fact that "HobbyKing" is the one that hosts this site. And as I told you before, they are owned by a conglomerate of about 7 entities!

Here is my warning, & like I said, this may be deleted in 0ne minute after I post it. So If you see this message do a cut & paste, please.

Story starts like this:
I order through HobbyKing 5 batteries that were supposed to have come from a California warehouse. As soon as I reviewed my purchase, I found that it was coming from Hong Kong.

With-in Two minutes I contacted them via on-line support, & asked for a cancel of my order due to it coming from Hong Kong. They stated that they canceled it.

I looked at my credit card billing statements & found that they put the canceled charges as a store credit. I sent them a msg. stating I want a credit to my credit card.

They said, we need to know if you want to keep the store credit, or have a credit to your credit card. In my first message I stated I wanted my credit card re-imbursed.

So, To really make it correct, I did a credit card charge back.

Sorry there HobbyKing, you over-stepped the boundary's of purchase & selling a item!

Buyer beware!
Coming from a Retail store background of sorts. I find this UNACCEPTABLE. Especially if your order specifically said (US warehouse) in the title of the item. Which it usually does with them. However, i fell like they did make what would be considered and adequate attempt at compensation. But your warning should not go unheeded. I personally order Turnigy packs from them, making sure to ALWAYS select the US tab on the menu on the left before navigating anywhere. I have had at least 4 shipments of batteries come to me in less than 2 days actually. But i think that is because their US warehouse is in lakeland florida or some where around there. Just a side note, two of the packs i ordered out of say 10 packs came puffed in the box. I'm sure they don't check for that. But it's something to think about. Turnigy them self will warranty their packs anyway, if you can be bothered to try and warranty such cheap batteries in the first place.

I just want to say, I don't doubt that they gave you a hassle over a mistake on their end, that should have been corrected and funded back to your credit card. But i'm sure that in their policy it reads that refunds are given in store credit only. I've had to do refunds with Wowhobbies and Helidirect who both use this method of refund also. Otherwise they charge a 15% restocking fee or something. I'd have to read it all again for the specifics. But my over all point is that i feel like YOU as the customer should ALWAYS be right. Them as the company should appease you, even if your wrong. In this case, they were wrong. So if anything they should have sent you a $10 gift certificate and a refund just for having to call them twice and waste your time. Time is more valuable than money, IMO. You cannot buy more time and as far as life goes. Time is a valuable, non-renewable commodity. I suppose my view of life & time is why i get so angry over things like this sometimes. Things like the general practices of Walkera too.

Anyway, if none of MY posts have ever been removed or anything. I think your okay talking about an honest experience.
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