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Originally Posted by AWDstylez View Post
There have been multiple people in just the few days this thing has been out that went into a LHS, pulled a random heli out of a box and it had issues. I'd call that rampant QC problems, especially when Eflite is claiming they're all test flown.

Here's my concern...

I dropped $200 on an SR - can't learn on it because it's a finicky pile of crap, took hours of tweaking to even get the tail to hold (using the term "hold" loosely).

Dropped $180 on a DX6i to better tune the SR - still can't learn on it because expo doesn't change the poor design.

Thought a $130 MSRX would be a better learning heli - spent four days, six blade grips, and a canopy just getting the thing to fly forward for more than ten feet without porpoising to the moon, even still it's forever hampered by faulty FBL programming which is teaching me bad habits rather than good ones.

Went to a heli show and nearly dropped $280 on a 130x - figured after the SR fiasco it'd be smart to read the 130x thread first and, sure enough, those are a huge bag of quality control issues too.

So here I am again doing the "well maybe if I spend another $150 on this one it will actually be properly functional". I'm just a little concerned, that's all. If I drop $60 on a chingchongmeow heli from HK I'm ok with ironing the issues out myself or dealing with some quirks, but if I'm going to drop $150 on 0.2 oz of plastic, a tiny circuit board, and some glue that's labeled RTF, I just want it to function as designed without days of tweaking and another $50 in mods. Asking too much, maybe? I'm new to RC flying, so maybe this is just normal for the industry.
I can't speak to the SR, but I can tell you that if you are taking this hobby seriously at all, the dx6i is an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM. I had one for like 3 months and then got a DX8. I have the MSRx and love it, use it for practicing FFF and indoor flying where I don't want to worry about damaging anything if I hit it. I agree sometimes it gets goofy but I think it's related to rudder input, I never have any trouble flying it in forward flight as long as I stay away from rudder and only use it in turns. I also have the 130x and with some tweaking it's a great little bird. I did replace some of the bearings to smooth things out, but all in all it's extremely stable and so much more capable than micros with motors on the tail. MCPx is still the sweet spot up until the nano, they really got that one right. For me the nano is even better, it's more durable than the MCPx, even less money, and flies in even less space, plus I'm not afraid of it like I am the MCPx (that thing will CUT you especially with a brushless upgrade!).

The key to Horizon products is that if push comes to shove, they make things right. Example, I got one of the UMX Migs and it was having a problem with the ailerons going to full deflection randomly, I made do with it until it went into a tree and got munched. Sent it back to them and in less than a week they sent me a brand new plane. Good luck getting that service from one of the chinese places...

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