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Originally Posted by tiguytrem View Post
Hi Bob, Hobbyking have a good price for turnigy 160 mah 30c lipo batteries!!

Originally Posted by View Post
Don't waste your time and money on those. There is a reason why the price is so low.
I disagree, I bought 10. I've used these in the past on my msr and ultra micro T-28 and didn't have any issues. Granted, the current draw isn't the same on the msr as the nano. I expect my nano to be delivered today. I'm in the process of charger cycling Turnigy 160mah lipos to break them in. I give these tiny lipos the same respect as any other pack I fly. Treat them right and they will last a very long time.

Originally Posted by AWDstylez View Post
LHS just called and said they came in. With the rampant QC issues I'm beginning to have second thoughts though. What makes Blade worth 4x the cost of a similar chingchongmeow heli that has the same or fewer issues with the same or better build quality?
Assuming "rampant QC issues" is a relative phrase to other rc helicopter releases, this nano is FAR from problem prone. The 130X would be the perfect example of a case where QC issues are rampant.

Originally Posted by AWDstylez View Post
I dropped $200 on an SR - can't learn on it because it's a finicky pile of crap, took hours of tweaking to even get the tail to hold (using the term "hold" loosely).
The SR will never be as good as TT or belt driven tail heli, but when I bound both of mine to my DX6i, I was amazed at the performance this thing was capable of. I had not flown a variable pitch tail heli at that point so I didn't know how it's "supposed" to be. But I learned stall turns, flips, rolls and loops on the SR. The SR has it's place at that price point, although with the smaller CP helis available now, I see the SR being retired or only used for scale fuselages like the Huey.

Originally Posted by AWDstylez View Post
Dropped $180 on a DX6i to better tune the SR - still can't learn on it because expo doesn't change the poor design.
It's not a loss, that DX6i is fantastic radio that will, or already has taken you far!

Originally Posted by AWDstylez View Post
Went to a heli show and nearly dropped $280 on a 130x - figured after the SR fiasco it'd be smart to read the 130x thread first and, sure enough, those are a huge bag of quality control issues too.
Totally agree. I felt like blowing up Horizon after I got mine.
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