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Originally Posted by ibillwilson View Post
Too bad about the maiden woes, but you definitely learned the right lessons. I just started flying a few months ago and I had to learn those same lessons too... the hard way, of course.

I read that you flew again after the repairs, with more success... way to go! Hopefully you can fix that nasty turning problem without too much trouble.

Once you master this plane, what are your plans? I don't know if you'd enjoy scratch-building, but I've found that it's at least as much fun as the actual flying. More frustrating sometimes, but also more rewarding when something you designed and built yourself actually flies well.

Have fun!
Hehe, I imagine this is one of those hobbies where you only learn from experience. The experience of hitting the ground

I took her out again this morning and managed to fix the turning problem. The tail feathers were out of alignment, so it was being forced into a bank at all times. I added a carbon fiber rod and it straightened out nicel.

My short term plans are to turn this plane into an FPV plane. But after that, I'd love to scratch build! I've always loved building things just as much as actually using them, so scratch building sounds fantastically fun. It sounds even harder than regular RC building/flying though, so I'll probably have to spend a few more months reading up on everything.

My friend is an aeronautical engineer, so I'm trying to get him involved in building and flying RC planes too
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