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Originally Posted by raggedclaws View Post
Thanks for the info, Valiant. I'll definitely consider the SCT after reading your post. Replacing the car's connector with a UMX connector is exactly what I need to do. Where can I find the connector and how hard is it to switch out? I'm assuming that I will need a very small soldering iron. Any info on how to do this will be appreciated.
Thanks again.


Also, what is the battery connector that comes on the car called (i.e. JST, Tamiya, etc)?
Any soldering iron will do the job, just be sure to use flux and pre-tin the bare wires. It would be too easy to swap out, just cut the old plug off and solder on the new plug. If you are not so confident with a soldering iron just get a umx female plug the wires pre-installed and then solder wire to wire and cover the bare bits with shrink wrap tubing.

Sure you will find UMX style plugs on ebay. I just did a quick google search and found this link, it may help:

No idea what the losi plugs are called, I read somewhere that a guy put out a bounty on the name of those plugs, with a prize. After several months an engineer posted a link to a chinese site, I think the brand my have been MOLEX or something.

I bought some kick ass batteries myself about a week ago (but still waiting for them to arrive), but I will need to swap out the plugs to losi:

As it turns out I think they may come with a UMX style plug, lol It seems that we are both in the same predicament, but from opposite ends of the spectrum!

My original plan was to purchase this battery (, and swap out the losi plugs to JST, however my plans soon came to a halt as all of the bits I wanted were sold out Damn you hobby king!! I couldnt even begin to fathom how quick these 1:24's would be on 3s
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