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In the interest of keeping this as light as possible, I'm considering creating built-up tail surfaces for my OLY II SX. This is the electrified version. I'm not trying to imply that the wood supplied in the kit is in any way inferior, I'm just curious to see if a built-up version might be lighter? Also, since I have the wood, I thought it would be an interesting exercise.

With this in mind, on the plans it shows a 1/8 x 1/4 spruce piece of wood that is to be laminated to the back edge of the 1/4 x1/4 leading edge piece. I assume that this is for strength and rigidity of the LE. I'm wondering if I could replace the spruce with some CF, and would that be a good idea? I'm thinking that the CF would probably be lighter and still have the required strength. I've got some CF TOW that I could laminate, but I also have some CF rectangular stock - something like 3/16 x less that 1/16 (sorry, I don't have it handy at the moment to give exact dimensions). Thoughts on this idea?

Also, if I do go with the CF I'd laminate it with a very thin layer of epoxy to the back of the leading edge balsa piece. Would going this route then require me to use epoxy when joining the "ribs" of the built-up stab also to the back of the leading edge that would be surfaced with CF? - I don't believe that Gorilla Glue for wood would work for a balsa to CF bond? In that case, I'd be adding more weight than maybe I want, but I could try to keep the amount of epoxy to a minimum.

I may be creating a mountain out of a molehill here...maybe I should just stick with the original plans and use the supplied solid surfaces? I guess that I could always add a few additional lightening holes to go with the ones already there?

Any and all ideas and suggestions on how to keep the tail as light as possible, so I can keep the gear up front to a minimum weight, are greatly appreciated!


P.S. A shot of the rough nose sanding so far, and thanks Ray for such a great kit!!
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