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Originally Posted by 3DDFHobbies View Post
Oh don't worry this project will take to the skies! and ill do it by september next year Just to shove it up Depronicus's A... (if you read his post history on my threads he has been Trolling me (provocation) and others ...

for the past year and i have had enough so if anybody is mentally challanged its him as it seems he put others down to make himself fell better

Wow. This is pretty much what you said about me too! No one is trying to put you down, just that you're taking everyone on this forum for a mug and you're finally being caught out and trying to make out everyone else are the bad ones.

With regards to the size of this model and the BMFA, you will be covered but only to an extent. There are specifics relating to models over 7kg, such as you needing to hold a 'B' certificate, not taking off or landing from an area with public access, unless marshalled during the flight, having a proper working failsafe fitted. There are also restrictions as to the airspace permitted to fly in and are subject to the ANO, ATC and CAA.
You might want to have a good read through the members handbook.

Though it's likely none of this is relevant as this project will never get that far of the drawing board.
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