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Originally Posted by Dworf View Post
Hello all,

I have an Swift II which is reinforced with carbon rod that goes through entire wing and on elevons.

I have an issue with it tho.

At high speed it starts to roll to the left hard. When i push the stick to right to compensate it does not help much just a little it still goes into an death roll to the left. Only way to save the swift is to cut the throttle and wait few seconds so that speed goes down then i can control the plane normally.

Anyone else had same issues? how did you solve it? any ideas?

thanks all

I had a maxi swift that did exactly that once, but I was to low and reacted to late to save it.I never figured out what it was, but it made a mess.Its got something to do with speed and i don't think its torque roll.Mine had a lot of power like 1600w and on full throttle it didn't roll much at all until it picked up speed then it rolled hard.If it was a thrust angle issue it would happen at slow speed as soon as you went WOT.
Can you try a underpowered dive and see if it still rolls?
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