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Originally Posted by cold wombat View Post
Bottom line, shipping takes time. If you're buying a made in China item (which is pretty much the bulk of the market), either you buy it from a retailer that ships after you order and pay (such as HK), or you buy it from a retailer that ships before you order (LHS or other 'local' online business). Shipping first is speculative on the part of the retailer, and they have to jack up their prices to account for the cost of paying up front before its sold, and to cover the cost of material that will then sit on the shelves, sometimes for many months before it gets purchased. Given most peeps seem to be happy (by and large) with paying the lower price but waiting for shipping after purchase, any retailer with the opposite business model is going to find themselves under increasing cost pressures. There is a limit to how much stock they can afford to 'pre-ship' and how much of a premium they can charge like used to be the norm now that online purchasing is so easy.

I am aware of all this.. I just figured the shipping wouldnt of taken quite this long. I have ordered stuff from overseas... quite a bit of stuff actually video game related stuff, but from China, Japan.. you name it..... never took this long.

I think the reason most people are cool with it is that they are aware of the shipping situation with HK. I was not.. but for my next order .. I will be damned sure I dont need them anytime soon. For instance I just ordered some parts for my Blade 450x... granted I dont have one yet.. but I think at some point in my future I may get one.. and I am thinking at SOME point I may crash.. so given the shipping speed I figure I better order them now.. heeheh I Joke, I joke...

I'll show myself out..
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