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Originally Posted by gulio View Post
Well , I was just gonna ask if the "stock" forum members thought a 11x5.5 prop was too much for stock motor and esc. I only flew it once with the 11x5.5 and have had many flights with all stock set-up. The 11x5.5 pulled 26 amps for me. I think the way I fly it would be ok to use the 11x5.5.

Mine in stock form does loops and rolls pretty easily , but the bird is just underpowered. There's no doubt about it. It really makes it a perfect flyer for what it's intended purpose is. I'm sure that my increased throws and rearward CG are helping me in loops and such. Are you using the stock esc? and as another asked , which prop are you using?
We maxed out throws and that made a huge difference. I personally do not think the plane is "underpowered" per se. It does the job and is what it is. We bumped the pitch up with same diameter, but are also flying at 7000 ft with density altitude topping out above 10000 ft so had room to do that. Stock prop was drawing low amps so we had the headroom due to the altitude.

Check out the video a few posts ago (#1821 on this thread) with a video of my son flying. It does quite nicely (that was on the stock prop BTW). Not an aerobatic plane, nor will it ever be no matter the power, but does enough to keep things interesting and prep for the next plane. Using the rudder and often really helps things on this plane. We have graduate to a Four Star and keeping the Sensei for putting on floats and whenever the time is right to pay it forward to a newcomer who needs a basic plane.

Hope the above is helpful.
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