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Originally Posted by iskess View Post
That is total BS. My DOSD shows mAh very close to recharged amount.
If this is correct, why did the Nova get a firmware update to fix it? After firmware 1.1 came out, it fixed some people's Nova's, but not mine. I showed Yang that it was always 30% off, and he eventually sent me a new board which worked great. The mAh was within 10% always. Why would Yang send me a new board if 30% off was normal?
I'm not buying this BS from BEV.
However there is one way to tell for sure if there is still a mAh bug. Hook up a WattsUp meter and run down a battery and see if the mAh readings are close. This takes out many variables like the condition, temperature and quality of your battery and charger.
Please report back your findings.
I think its strange bevrc says i need to drain the battery to 9v for the current sensor to show the true capacity of the battery,

Does anyone here really drain their battery to 9v? i think you would get a puffy lipo then

At what voltage is a lipo actually empty?
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