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I have been playing with the gyro settings this morning and have notice the rudder gyro isn't doing anything, occasionaly it will start to jitter when I turn on ABM mode.

But the frankly playing with the gyros has not improved anything. The plane flew well for 3 or 4 flights with RTL and ACM working well. It would dive a little in ABM mode but I could have lived with that. At the moment It cant be trusted. The rudder issue would suggest there is definitely something wrong with the gyro as turning the gain settings does nothing.

The only setting I have changed in the GCS is the "side offset damp" I reduced that from 60 to 50 when in Nav mode it would fly in an S pattern. Although now when you engage nav it typically wants to plummet into the ground.

The other concern is the artificial horizon, as stated earlier it seems to be very slow to react remaining vertical after banking, I take it the information it uses is coming from the gyros and that would suggest they are well an truly out.

The plane is a skywalker 1900, up until this thing decided to go bad I would have said it flew very well. I think the Vibration level should be well within limits, I did mount the fy31ap on the foam anti vibration pads, but this didn't seem to make a difference so I have mounted it with velcro again.

I'm not certain whether I should re-flash the firmware as I have read this has fixed some issues for people however as stated mine says version 2.0 and I can only find version 1.2. Or just send the bloody thing back to the people who made it, after all its not even a couple of weeks old.

I will post a video soon.


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