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Flew mine yesterday, previously the RTL and ACM worked fine, When the ABM was engaged the plane would dive. I set the "level" flight mode (switch 4 on) on the ground with the plane in a slightly nose high attitude, thinking this would make the plane stop diving when the ACM was engaged. It seemed to work as ABM flew pretty good. However when I engaged RTL the thing started to turn and dive pretty rapidly. Only tried it twice as I was only a 100 meters high, I didn't let it go and see if it straightened up and would pull out of the dive.

I intend to do the "level" flight attitude config in the air today as they recommend this is the best way to perform it. Hopefully this might set it back the way it was.

The other thing I noticed was the artificial horizon was very slow to respond, after a hard banking turn the line would remain almost vertical for some time after the plane had level'd out.

These things seem to be so temperamental.

I was looking at the firmware on the device, mine says version 2.0 however I can only find version 1.2 on the site.
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