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Originally Posted by rogersrick123 View Post
My friend and I are going to pick up a couple of 3DHS 74" Edge planes when they are available at the beginning of Nov. I'm looking for the best setup for our Gens Ace 6S 5300 30C lipos.

We already have
ESC Castle HV 100
Castle Pro Bec
Several Gens Ace 5300 30C lipos
20x 10 Xoar props

My question is should we go with the 3DHS recommended Hacker A50-12L or go with the A60-6XS V2 28 Pole Outrunner. I've gone over every post in this thread and I'm getting confused has to what setup will deliver the best punch out in a Hover. Will the flight time be the same?

We like to fly slow 3D

Punch out of a hover is adequate (but not ballistic) with A50-12L. I have the same A50-12L/Xoar 20x10/6S5300 combination in mine. My flying style is a mix of 3D, slow flight, and precision. The A50-12L flys fine, but not enough power IMO, particularly when performing multiple elements on an upline, continuous in-place waterfalls, etc.

You can achieve a slightly forward CG if you use a 2S or 3S1300 flight pack with the BEC pro.
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