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Originally Posted by Vantasstic View Post
No, no, no, no,no. His Naza is installed correctly. It's the frame that's installed 180 out!!!! . FWIW, the Naza also doesn't look very squared on the frame...looks crooked...could just be the camera angle I was seeing though. It sure would help if Naza put a big FRONT/Arrow on the case though...

Doesn't the Naza assistant have something to verify control reaction, i.e. tilt the nose down you see a graphic representation of the nose moving down, etc? Maybe not now that I think of it. Even the free, open source, Multiwii GUI has this feature. Even my, thankful now sold, XAircraft had this feature. Hmmm...seems DJI needs a little catching up on firmware functions...and a Tricopter mix!
Haha...on second look...i think you are right Van....i stand corrected!...but really it does look like the Naza is a little crooked in may want to square it up
A bit and just makes sure the "M" Ports face forward and that you have the motors spinning in tire right direction and you will be good to go
SDSURFnGLIDE is online now Find More Posts by SDSURFnGLIDE
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