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[QUOTE=exf3bguy;22826520 Say you are flying a .90 to 1.20 size airplane. How long will it take to burn a gallon of glow fuel? I'm thinking 6 to 8 flights @ 20.00 per gallon. .[/QUOTE]

FWIW I'm flying a 90 4C, the plane in my avatar. 8 ounce tank = 16 flights per gallon. I guess I'm lucky as I pay about $15 a gallon for fuel, so about a $1 per flight.

Most guys will have a 12 or 14 ounce tank but I'll bet they don't fly it dry every time. My 8 ounce tank will let me fly the sequence.

I think the point of the OP is trying to make is to fly IMAC STYLE with a smaller plane. Less expense up front. If that person wants to carry on up through the ranks with the smaller plane and wants the challenge of the larger airframe they are free to do so. Brian, correct me if I'm wrong here!

One mans opinion (mine)..... The smaller airframe, less up front expense and less intimidation, should urge more to joins the ranks of aerobatic competition. In my vision I see Mini IMAC as a stepping stone. Call it the minor league if you will... With the proliferation of nice arf's and kits of the modern aerobatic planes available, Mini IMAC should flourish.

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