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Well I won't use your first name if you don't want me to do so.

Your question about the laser tachometer, I have used optical tachs that used a piece of foil to clock the R.P.M. it shouldn't matter where you place the foil. The blade you are looking at is going the same R.P.M. no matter where you have that foil. But, the amount of distance travelled per second would change depending on a placement.

So that makes me think you have to input something in that laser so it knows the diameter of the rotation point. All it is doing is counting how many times it sees that foil per second.

So, it will need a extra person there to aim at the target while you are flying, that is how we did it way back when helis only had a tail gyro.

Kind of odd about your servo just dieing like that, you have really had your share of failures with equipment/parts/electronics.

I think that once you sell all of your Walkera gear, & get a X5 or X2 you will have a more pleasurable experience flying. But they all break down sometime. Like one of my Nitros did after I put a new engine in it,I was melting mufflers right & left that is when I found that the cylinder head was warped causing it to run way too lean & hot.

Expensive hobby that it is!

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Yeah, i kind of have this thing about anonymity on the web But my real name is Tony. Short for Anthony, actually.

Anyway, You might be able to answer this since you have a big heli you might have experience in this particular field. I just got a Laser photo tachometer that uses a piece of reflective tape to take a reading on rotational speed. It's actually for calibrating and checking tool speeds and things like that. But my question is this:

Where is the proper location in the length of the blades to place the reflective tape, so that i can take a proper and accurate HS reading using the laser. It seems that there is easily a 100-200 rpm difference between checking the root and the tips. I assume one or the other is correct, or perhaps it should be the CG point of the blades? This is rather frustrating for me ATM.

BTW, hover test on the new V450 i built went well. It hovered without incident. Now that i have a Tachometer i can determine the proper timing i should be using on the ESC for the right head speed for this motor. So, i'm sooo very tempted to keep this one instead of listing it. Funny story though! I bought a new WK tail servo to install in this guy a few months back. I was setting it up on the bench, using 5V BEC and the damn tail servo just stopped moving in one direction all of a sudden when i was getting ready to set the neutral/end points. Just after i finished setting the likage rod position for neutral. So this heli is going to have all 4 savox servos. I'll have to get a new one for mine. I kind of just want to rebuild it and sell them both. I have to get a X5 and a X2. It's become very frustrating to me that i don't have the means to buy them at the moment.
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