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Originally Posted by swarrans View Post
Apologies if this is seen as a hijack Mike, but I'm planning to use your thread to guide me through making a 4.8m wing for an ASG29 I'm going to build and I wondered if you had any advice of wing section? It would be about 220mm at the root and I want it to be able to roll nicely. I had been thinking of going with a trusty HQ3/13 but I wondered if you were planning something zippier for your JS1?..


No problem about the Hi-jack thing as long as you dont have a gun.

The actual airfoils on the fullsize JS1 are rather thin and optimised for glider racing with a flat glide at high speed, I think the actual wing is only 10cm thick.
What I am planning to do with the foils is as follows.
Start with a thick HQ/3/13 OR 15 at the root , purely to allow some space to build in a degree or two of di-hedral. I will then thin the foil down across the next panels and also reduce the camber, on one of the very last panels I will introduce 1 degree of washout. This setup works well on my 6mtr Nimbus and at high speed it goes slightly anhedral (washout working) but when slowed right down in a light thermal it has never let go into a tip stall.
It has really worked well so why change, I did once build a 6mtr Ventus with
MH32 foils ,was great but had to thermal at speed all the time, maybe I build the C version like this.
Sadly it fails to roll nicely with the high aspect ratio wings , maybe a shorter wing would be better, or build a Fox
Wings are a about 2 months away .
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