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Originally Posted by iskess View Post
It looks very promising. I'm very impressed with what I've seen so far. The mAh bug is not such a big deal in and of its self, but it is a symptom of a much larger problem. The fact that this problem exists after the Nova bug history is disconcerting. If there were a company rep that would answer inquiries I wouldn't hesitate for a minute. I'm wary of buying another Cyclops product until there is a little more visibility by the company. It appears that BEVRC is taking on some of that duty with a few posts that shows they are communicating for Cyclops who is apparently working on solutions to issues. That is a small move in the right direction, although BEV doesn't have a good track record of communication. People have been known to wait weeks sometimes for responses from them.
The Storm itself is very exciting. I love the simple altitude lock concept with the little icon.
Some simple changes that are needed:
1) RSSI at percentage
2) GPS coordinates. It would save space to skip degrees and display only minutes and seconds. 1 minute is almost 2 km, so it would be easy to assume the larger coordinate units.
Or they could do like DOSD and RVOSD, and display the GPS data when the altitude:distance ratio goes below a preset value.
3) I wish there were a way to attach an add on barometric altimeter. But I realize this is beyond the scope of this OSD.
I hear there maybe a firmware update coming with some key improvements.
But this one already has a barometric sensor on it .
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