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I have mine on a Y-lead to the rudder servo - have they changed that setup to a separate channel? If on a Y-lead it will have nothing to do with mixes if the main rudder surfaces are working ok.

Anyhow - not sure your servo is good TBH - doesn't seem to respond to the tester correctly. Mine is on a Y-lead and reacts instantly with rudder input, via a gyro.

IF it is on a Y-lead, try taking it off and plugging directly into the servo tester and see if it reacts properly.

If it isnt on a Y-lead, try putting it on one and see what happens.

As for the gyro, try taking it out of the equation while you test the servo - it will only complicate things. Put it in the loop last of all, once you know everything else is ok.

Finally - are you certain your RX/Servos are getting enough power? (i.e. good battery)

Good luck!
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