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When I fly my Helios rudder is no problem. No worse than V911. I have one Helios and five V911's Every V911 is a good flyer. My Helios will out fly every one of my V911's and is smoother. No bias just fact. Again I say V911 is awesome heli for its price and my first one is still doing well. I will allways have a V911 or two ready to fly at anytime. I have no intent to ever fly my 6 ch birds in the house no matter their size. V911 is a durable very good flyer. Helios is a better flyer and needs more time to see if it can stand the long haul. I bet it does. Flying in the wind with a F/P 1 oz. heli is up to flyer. Bigger FBL 4 ch or quad is much better idea or 6ch bird. I don't mod my birds nor see any reason to do so. Those who do thats fine, and best luck with it. Benma..good job!!
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