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Originally Posted by kenh3497 View Post
This is something I have never understood I have a CAP 232, the one in my avatar. It will do any of the maneuvers in the IMAC schedule.

In fact it is much more capable than I am. I am the one holding the plane back, not the other way around. I agree a larger plane is less affected by outside forces, like wind, but that has nothing to do with the capabilities of the airframe.


I always have a rough time explaining this. I by no means am trying to offend anyone but there is a difference between flying the sequence and flying it well enough to receive good scores. The advantage to the larger airplanes is power and lighter wing loadings. This means the maneuvers are flown larger and slower. Having that additional time removes a lot of pilot workload. It also makes the judges job easier too. I guess I'm still trying to justify the higher cost of the larger airplane. If you are serious about flying IMAC of any type it will require a good amount of practice. Say you are flying a .90 to 1.20 size airplane. How long will it take to burn a gallon of glow fuel? I'm thinking 6 to 8 flights @ 20.00 per gallon. The 30cc gasser will practically pay for it's self after a season of practice. Before making any decisions about what to fly I suggest you find some guys flying IMAC and attend some practice sessions.
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