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Well, I thought I would be ready to go this week. NOT!
I'm having trouble getting the rudder vector nozzles to work. I think the problem is with the gyro programming or the GEAR:GEAR mix. I'm using a DX8 with AR8000 RX.
I know the servo on the rudder vector works because when I plug the "rudder" plug into a servo tester and move it side to side, the main rudder surfaces move and the nozzle rudder vector moves, only with a slight delay. I have to turn the knob quite a ways to each end before the nozzles follow and they do it very slowly.
Once I hook "rudder" up to the RX, the nozzles don't go side to side with rudder stick. The main rudders work and so do all the other control surfaces. The nozzle AUX1 and AUX2 servos work with the ailerons and elevators so I must have all the other mixes correct. I didn't do MIX 7 for better knife edge flight as I don't have enough mixes.
The instructions in the manual is for a JR radio and I'm sure I just don't have the right MIX or gyro programming done correctly. The light on the gyro is constant ON.
Anyone got any ideas or would be good enough to PM me the program for DX8?

PS. Just remembered. When rudder is plugged into the RX, it appears that the rudder vector servo isn't even energized as it can be moved quite easily like any unpowered servo. When energized, a servo offers some resistance to being moved.
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